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We Preserve
Indigenous Culture by Revitalizing Kem Life


The mission of Kebtah Projects is to protect humanity’s cultural legacy by revitalizing indigenous communities, and supporting their strength and growth. These projects exist to sustain their way of life by protecting the priceless knowledge preserved in these communities. This helps to solve the complications of modernisation that risk compromising the integrity of these indigenous communities on which we depend. Our projects also help reinforce a sense of pride within these communities by inspiring the indigenous youth to carry on this legacy as well as creating opportunities for people to come and learn about this way of life.



Meritah is the original precolonial name for the continent many of us identify as Africa. In many languages, Meritah means "beloved land". Kem culture is born out of the continent of Meritah, and unites humanity under the principles of Nature. Therefore, the cultural heritage preserved in Meritah is a wealth for all those seeking healing, revitalization, and reclamation of their roots.

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