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Kebtah’s Projects was the idea and vision of Dogon High Priest and Master Healer,  Neb Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig, the founder of Kebtah (The Earth Center) non-profit organization. These projects protect the grandeur of humanity’s oldest cultural legacy, the Kemetic culture, by assisting those who have preserved the Kemetic people’s way of life for millennia despite cultural infringement and the influence of fast-paced transformations inspired by modernization. 


Through projects that revitalize the way of life of Kemetic people and their environment, we ensure that humanity can continue to benefit from the time-tested knowledge, culture, practices, and civilizing influences of this culture that have supported humanity since time immemorial. Kebtah’s projects focus on resolving issues such as access to clean water, traditional farming, restoring Kemetic temples, children’s education, pilgrimages, and other aspects of life. Depending on the availability of resources, Kebtah initiatives begin in Meritah and then expand to other communities as needed. Kebtah also organizes spiritual Pilgrimages to Meritah, which offer people the opportunity to visit Meritah and experience the living Kemetic culture. Initiates of the MTAM School, Members of Kebtah (The Earth Center), and the general public can support these important projects.


Revitalizing Kemetic Life is rooted in the support of our community world wide! It’s the power and impact of a team working together towards a goal that will help grow this revolution. We would appreciate your support through donations towards our projects, partnerships in community initiatives, and any ideas you have to help us grow!

“The land we belong to is so vast, no matter how far you walk, you just cannot reach the end, but if your heart is in the right place, wherever you turn will be your home."

- Neb Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig


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