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Due to political conflict and violence, several Dogon communities who are longstanding preservers of the Ancestral indigenous culture are experiencing severe internal displacement and the loss of access to their cultural monuments. The DIPR program assists displaced people to regain access to arable land and food security, ensure their physical safety, rebuild their way of life, and restore their dignity. 



Internal displacement of people affects the lives of people forced to leave their homes because of conflict, violence, climate change or disasters in many ways. 

  • Access to land, housing, infrastructure, education, health, social life, security, and living environment changes and degrades

  • Displaced people lose their livelihoods, as a result of being pushed away from their ancestral lands and way of life

  • They risk losing their culture and language 

  • Consequently, they experience months or years without a way to live decently, honorably, and with dignity

  • People move from independent living in harmony with nature, to being dependent on the new communities to which they were moved involuntarily



The purpose of the DIPR program is to assist displaced people to regain access to arable land voluntarily; ensure their physical and sustainable food security; and rebuild their way of life in harmony with nature that places them in a position of dignity and integrity by preserving their culture and language.​

Program Activities


  • Establish relationships with the displaced community  

  • Land acquisition with traditional and political authorities 

  • Resettlement planning

  • Resettlement Support 

    • Providing transitory support until full sustainable agricultural harvests resume

    • Building traditional family dwellings and community structures such as a community hall and marketplace

    • Initial farming set up: seeds, tools, water wells and storage systems etc.

    • Facilitate integration of the community with the local traditional institutions to ensure harmonious existence

Displaced Indigenous People Resettlement Program (DIPR).png


For the first stage of this project, we are seeking support to settle 100 families with an average of 5 people totalling 500 people. 

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