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The Earth Center's Healing Center, Het Aishat, located in the mountains of Togo, West Africa, provides mental, physical and spiritual healing services to all who are in need. Clients come from local areas and around the globe to work with healers and spiritual professionals in a serene environment that provides the natural components necessary for holistic healing. The Healing Center also serves as a place of training for the apprentice healers and spiritual professionals who have the chance to learn and carry on their rich cultural and spiritual traditions. 



Health and healing are necessary for every human being; however, many people have failed to find comprehensive healing in the modern medical system and what it offers. Within Kemetic traditions, it is understood that physical health deficiencies are often accompanied by spiritual deficiencies as well. Modern medicine is handicapped by its inability to address issues involving spiritual/energetic/non-material components. 


Due to colonial invasions, the degradation of indigenous culture, and the usurpation of knowledge and techniques, indigenous peoples’ ability to preserve their knowledge and disseminate it to future generations has been threatened.


The continued impact of industrialization and modern development has led to sacred indigenous lands being stripped of their natural resources or overtaken by business and socio-economic development. The natural inhabitants of these lands are being chased away or killed off. 



The Het Aishat Healing center offers holistic healing services which approach various spiritual, mental, energetic, and physical issues with time tested solutions.  It offers a place of comprehensive healing, run by indigenous professionals who have the knowledge and wisdom to address a multitude of human issues on the material and non-material side. 

Het Aishat also serves as a site of apprenticeship and dissemination of indigenous knowledge. It is a center of learning and community for all those who wish to reclaim their Ancestral healing practices, and continue the legacy of the preservation of life and culture. 




Het Aishat and the lands surrounding it are sacred lands with an abundance of plants used for healing  natural life and entities which have inhabited the land for millenia. This project helps to protect these lands from development and ruin, while those living on it continue to maintain the harmony with Nature that allows for stability and healing.


“I first handedly saw where the funds raised go in Western Africa and how hard the team works to preserve culture and knowledge. I would say All Earth Center members are incredible revolutionaries in the indigenous peoples movement and the most trustworthy humans you can find. Words can’t express my gratitude to Naba and every member that learns and serves at The Earth Center. If you want to get involved in taking care of the earth, humanity, and your ancestors - this is an organization that can not be overlooked.”





Het Aishat and its team of healers have served over 1000 people from around the world, whose lives have been affected positively by healing work at the Center. 


Our Healing Center is a place of local healers networking together to assist each other and build a bank of traditional herbs and technical knowledge and techniques regarding spiritual services.


Indigenous professionals are training apprentices at the Healing Center and serving clients from around the world. This knowledge has been passed down from mouth to ear for generation upon generation. 


Land was purchased adjacent to the Healing Center in order to maintain the herbs, barks and roots that serve as healing resources and food for our clients, and protect the sacred lands from development and exploitation.

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