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Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Culture is about preservation- therefore how the next generation is educated is at the foundation of indigenous societies. From a young age, children are integrated into the community and given responsibilities that help boost their intelligence, self confidence, and sense of self awareness within the family, community- and Nature. The education of a child isn’t just seen as the responsibility of the mother and father- the extended family, grandparents, the community- teachers- other children- everyone plays a part in the education that a child receives. From the family education, to the initiation into life- passing down the cultural legacy, family history, and knowledge of nature’s mysteries is how the Kem culture still thrives in Meritah.

Changing the system of education and how values are passed down through generations is how the colonizers of the World were able to decimate indigenous cultures- effectively splitting the future of a community from their roots. Most of us reading this today have experienced that reality- the way we think, eat, behave, express ourselves is coming from the education of the colonizer- what can we gain from returning to the education our Ancestors passed down?

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