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Water is a basic necessity of life. In the remote places of Africa, communities depend on wells for cooking, bathing, washing clothes, and drinking. Our water projects aim to increase the accessibility of water sources to villages in land-locked areas. In doing so, our goal is to assist in conserving the communities’ energies and to facilitate the revitalization of village life.


Due to the land-locked nature and desert climate of Burkina Faso and surrounding areas, access to water is limited and also costly. In some cases a single well in a community serves hundreds of families and many do not have access to running water. 



The Earth Center aims to assist villages in West Africa with developing access to water through well construction and running water projects. Increased access to water allows these indigenous communities to revitalize their energies and focus on cultural preservation and the nurturing of future generations.



Projects of Meritah has facilitated the construction of wells and implementation of running water in both Burkina Faso and Togo villages and communities. Local residents as well as clientele visiting from around the world for cultural education and holistic healing are benefiting from these water projects:


  • Well in Tambiga on the Naba lands

  • Well in Central Togo at the Het Aishat Healing Center 

  • Running water at the Het Aishat Healing Center 

  • Running water at the Tem House (House of Tradition) in Central Togo 

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