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We host opportunities annually for initiates and the general community to visit the temples, villages and historical sites in West Africa. This affords pilgrims the opportunity for full immersion into indigenous cultural practices and traditions and will have the opportunity to see and experience many things on our Pilgrimage that they will not experience during a touristic trip or journey taken alone. Pilgrimages allow pilgrims to continue the process of orienting themselves towards their Ancestral towards culture and reintegrating Kemetic values and ways of life back into their lives.
Because Neb Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig is known throughout Meritah and is regarded as one of the highest known Spiritual Masters, annual Group Pilgrimages provide opportunities to experience cultural and spiritual events and gain insights that are normally forbidden to outsiders.


Many people around the world are looking to decolonize and are, therefore,  seeking an alternative education and perspective that will allow them to reclaim their cultural roots. Others are also looking for deep healing and stability after many years of struggling to find solutions in the modern institutions. However, a knowledge base truly outside of the modern system is difficult to access. Although the Kemetic culture and rich spiritual and healing traditions are still preserved in the continent of Meritah (Africa), the portrayal of Africa and African spirituality to the public around the world is designed to deter people from seeking their shared heritage and healing. 


The Earth Center’s pilgrimage allows pilgrims to have access to the Kemetic culture and spiritual traditions as a way to help those traveling  to heal, grow, and learn about their Ancestral culture.

The traditional kingships and temples stand behind the work of the Earth Center, as Neb Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig is one of the highest known spiritual masters and is renowned throughout Meritah and the world. Because of this, the Earth Center’s Pilgrimages provide opportunities to experience cultural and spiritual events and gain insights that are normally forbidden to outsiders. This access provides pilgrims the unprecedented chance to heal as they integrate their exposures and grow as cultural and spiritual revolutionaries.



- Kahaouti Merrusheta

421 Pilgrimage

- Kahaouti Merrusheta

- Kahaouti Merrusheta

- Kahaouti Merrusheta


It was a joy to live out in nature and I learned a lot about how traditional African cultures function. 


I was at Het Aishat for a month. Seeing how hard the Priest at the temple worked was an inspiration for me to work harder at whatever life brings to me. 

- Kahaouti Merrusheta


Most of us only ever receive the education or exposure that comes from colonial society- so in my pursuit of reconnecting to my roots - going on pilgrimage and being exposed to a culture that has preserved its principles and deep, time-tested Ancestral wisdom has been absolutely healing and eye-opening, and essential in being able to transform and move forward.


Oh Africa, my first time on the continent and I find myself at Het Aishat in Northern Togo. Words cannot explain my experience but if I were to try I would call it humbling. Emersing myself in nature brought out the nature in me. Spiritually, being open to the watching eyes of the Ancestors, nature spirits and the other pilgrims with me was also quite enlightening. What a journey and I will be back for more of the cleansing and healing I received while there.

- Shemtah Neezheqiyah

- Teryshaat Maaheqwur

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